Only the dopest jerks rep Jerkaholic Clothing

Reppin  jerkaholics!

Jerks in Jerkaholic


~ by ijerkla on February 28, 2010.

11 Responses to “Only the dopest jerks rep Jerkaholic Clothing”

  1. ayyee jerkaholics clothing dopest ever hit me up on myspace./freshboy407

  2. waddup JERKAHOLIC is the BEST CLOTHING COMPANY OUT hahaha everybody shud buy JERKAHOLIC shirts !!!!!

  3. yooo we got mad ppl tryna buy Jerkaholics.
    we got yall back , lol.

    -a$ / ecc Gary

    • good Job Tell us How u heard about us and WHO u think th Dopest Jerk Crew is and WHY

    • Thank you we will be Bigger if PPL like YOU support us thanks”””””””””” good Job Tell us How u heard about us and WHO u think th Dopest Jerk Crew is and WHY

  4. i heard about yall from a couple videos. but i listen to young sam a lot too , and i see him rockin’ the gear too…thats when
    i hit yall up. ha , and the dopest crew…i think the top three is Crooks , Marvel Inc, Auto$teez/EC Crooks lol ( no cocky )

  5. I think thats the top 3 , because they the most creative.
    Mainly Crooks though, if you saw the last video…you’ll be like wtf lol – and then Marvel inc is hellaaa tight too

    and we are dopest on the east lol

  6. Hi KiD-KeeM FroM X-RaTeD InC DoPesT JerK CreW in The SouTh just here to speak my behav on the jerk movement and its fashions i belive that the jerk movement is more then a dance.Its a life style,it brings out your inner you u have the explosive colors and the awesome moves that just expoliates your characterristics.And if you are a beginner jerk i ad vise u to check out the for some hot fits to get you started.And also check out my crew X-RaTeD InC. on youtube at or you can also contact us on myspace at

  7. Ayeee this @Tbeezyy froom long beach & Young Same Function was TURNTTTTTTT str8 drop ! tha musicc was live AF ! ihad a bomb fun marvel inc , action figure$ & ranger$ were turnt as usual ! & tha DJ’s were spinnin !

  8. whr 2 buy jerkin’-style clothes – HEY YOUNG

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